Our charitable policy


At Wild&Grey, our ultimate goal is to bring greater awareness to the reality of elephant tourism through our high quality clothing brand. 


Elephants and elephant welfare is a subject close to one of our founders, Louise Rogerson, and because of this profound love of elephants, Wild&Grey is directing 20% of our profit to elephant causes around the world. We will be supporting sanctuaries, NGO’s, grass-root projects and campaigns working hard for the goodness and betterment of elephants. When you buy our beautiful products, you will not only look good but save elephants. 

Also, with our love for all animals and as a tribute to our five rescued cats and our beloved dog Will, who recently passed away, we will also highlight animal rescue organisations into our Charitable Causes. 


At Wild&Grey we want to educate, spread the word and spread the love with your support. Every year we will be announcing those we have given to and we will provide you with a full report and profile on their work. With your support, we are excited to have this opportunity to help the elephants and animals. 


If you would like to recommend an animal rescue project in need of assistance, we would love to know about them and the work they do. If you have a campaign needing support, we look forward to hearing from you and knowing more. 

Please contact us on enquiries@wildandgrey.com 

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